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Ever felt stuck, limited, restricted or even boxed in?

Have you ever found yourself at the crossroads of “Where do I go or what do I do now?”

Or at the intersection of “What’s next for me?”

UNSTUCK Your Next Step Interactive Coaching Guide & Journal

It's a NEW day...

Your time to get UNSTUCK is here and this empowerment resource is the tool

to help you!

In UNSTUCK: Your Next Step Coaching Guide and Interactive Journal™, Author and Empowerment, Coach Tarsha Campbell, pinpoints 40 reasons why you could be stuck.

With the use of enlightening empowerment quotes (called coaching proverbs), Coach Tarsha shines light on these debilitating reasons. Then in the Your Next Step Coaching Moment journaling sections, through the use of engaging coaching prompts, she invites you to dive deep and identify the root causes of why you’re stuck. Lastly, you're encouraged to utilize more insightful journal coaching prompts to unveil viable solutions and action steps to help you get UNSTUCK and moving forward.

What people are saying about this

empowerment resource:


"The information shared definitely opened my eyes to what has me stuck for so many years. I need help!"


"Wow! I could identify with at least eighteen reasons shared in the book for why I could be stuck."


"Oh, I wish I have this guide some years ago. I believe I would be much further along in my life and career."

What makes this coaching guide and journal interactive?

Interactive Web Links & Buttons

Throughout this empowerment resource there are live web links and interactive buttons that offer greater insight on each topic presented.

UNSTUCK Your Next Step Interactive Coaching Guide & Journal
Links to the Companion Website

When clicked the interactive buttons and web links take you to the UNSTUCK companion website where you will find the Scriptures for Meditation references for your spiritual growth and enrichment.

Journal entry
Electronic Journal Entries

No need to grab your pen, pencil or paper with this journal. It's designed to allow you to type your responses to the journal coaching prompts right in your ebook on your mobile device. How cool is that?

Xodo Mobile Apps

Steps to install this interactive guide

and journal on

your mobile device

(phone or tablet).


Go to your mobile device app store and download the Xodo app. Xodo is a PDF free app available for Android and Apple mobile devices.


With your mobile device (phone or tablet) open, go to the ebook attachment in the email sent. Download the UNSTUCK: Your Next Step Coaching Guide & Interactive Journal™. When prompted by your device, choose Xodo as the app to open and use the eBook just downloaded to your device.


Once the eBook is placed in Xodo, watch the video below for a quick look at how to use the UNSTUCK: Your Next Step Coaching Guide & Interactive Journal™ in this app.

Please Note: UNSTUCK: Your Next Step Coaching Guide & Interactive Journal™ is designed to be use on your mobile device (phone or table) with the Xodo PDF reader. If you try to use the ebook with other PDF readers or apps the ebook may not work as designed. Some of the ebook functionality is also limited when used with a PDF reader on a computer.

Using this coaching resource is a breeze

Check out the demonstration video below.

Click to play. To enlarge the video for better viewing,

click the icon of the four arrows in

the right corner on the play bar.

UNSTUCK Your Next Step Interactive Coaching Guide & Journal

It's a NEW day...

Being stuck is a choice. Staying stuck is a choice as well. Make a decision today to break free to break through in order to live the life God intended for you. You can do it!

To receive an exclusive copy of the UNSTUCK: Your Next Step Coaching Guide & Interactive Journal™ is by invitation only.

To download a copy of this empowerment resource, download the ebook attachment delivered in the email sent to you. Refer to the install steps above for additional instructions.

You are asked not to share the email with the ebook attachment or ebook. It is only for those who have personally received the email and ebook from the author, Coach Tarsha Campbell.

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